Founded musicians since 2016. The first release took place on February 2, 2017 after a long search for partners. We cooperate with several distributors, online stores and music services. In our music catalog you will find different styles and arrangements.

Releases of diverse sounding retain the spirit of the new and the history of the past. Creative thought is expressed by the styles of Deep House, Nu Disco, Disco House, Experimental, Instrumental, Nu Disco, Pop, Soul, Tech House, Dream and Chill Trap, Techno, Tropical House, Vocal House, Witch House, Jazz Soul and others. We reserve the right to be creative without restrictions.

Musicians Grisha Gerrus, Wadism, Artem Simonov, Nilod, Amson & Boel, Akora, Habble, Abriviatura IV, Dj Oleg Skipper, Dave Moor, FiLLiX, Virtua Futura, Sergey Skill, Peter Ivanov, Paul Lock, Katze, Ballester and others.